Our Beers (Rotating)

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Felicia's classic IPA, also known as "Who's crying now?!" This is our most easy-drinking IPA, like slipping into your favorite lounge pants. Round with no sharp edges. (7.3%)

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Atomic BLONDE 

Light, crisp, and refreshing with a touch of citrus and buttered sourdough toast. abv 5.2%


stouty mcstoutfacE

An 1800's-style dry English stout. If our Honey Blonde is a rom com, then this beer is a film noir. abv 6%

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fall down brown (not currently available)

This rich seasonal brown tastes of caramel and a hint of spice if you close your eyes and concentrate. Almost gone! abv 5.2%


winterfest ipa

Winterfest IPA

Ho-ho-hoppy with a little evergreen. Santa's favorite. abv 5.6%


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Leaf Sweeper IPA

A fall IPA with some backbone. You know you can’t resist jumping into that pile of leaves you just raked. abv 5.9%

roasty toasty porter

Toasty Mcporter

Old school porter brewed with house-toasted malt. abv 5.5%


buddha nonattachment ipa.jpg

Non-Attachment IPA (not currently available)

This IPA was supposed to be Cry-P-A III, but the brewer changed the hops to Mosaic. But people love the Cry-P-A, we said. She said tell them not to get attached. Live in the moment and drink up. abv 6.5%