About Us

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Thank you for a fabulous 15 years in Ithaca and Trumansburg! We are permanently closed. You can contact us at atomicfelicia@gmail.com.

leah houghtaling brewer

Leah Houghtaling, woodworker and former brewer

If it can be made, Leah will make it. Give her a chainsaw, a chef's knife, a brew kettle, a camera, a piece of junk, and she'll give you art and some amazingly delicious meatballs. Leah is currently offering custom woodworking at www.leahhoughtaling.com. Check out her beautiful work!

amelia sauter baker

Amelia Sauter, psychotherapist and former baker

Amelia is a blur who doesn't slow down. She's the glue that holds it all together except the glue is actually a sticky salted caramel that rinses off when she stands outside in the rain for too long. She has opened a psychotherapy practice in Trumansburg. More info can be found at www.nowandnextcounseling.com.